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Five Pound Bass Company: Bass Talk with Stumpy

Five Pound Bass Company has been inspiring musicians worldwide since January 2019 with their unique, one-string upright bass: the Stumpy SJ-28. The most versatile, lightweight, portable bass guitar on the market today.


With our commitment to customer service and our passion for music, we continually drive the bass guitar market forward, introducing innovative features to revolutionize the industry. This includes the new Stumpy SJ-28 ; a truly unique bass guitar.


This one-string wonder is designed to mount on any universal microphone stand, allowing it to be played as an upright bass, sideways as an electric bass, or even flat as a lap steel slide bass. It's small, lightweight design from a 30" wooden canoe paddle allows the Stumpy SJ-28 to be carry-on baggage when traveling by plane.


Five Pound Bass Company has also led innovations in our exclusive "Lil Red Wiggler" bass string. Our solid polymer string provides huge bass sound in a short scale. Virtually indestructible, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. And it's easy on your fingers. Talk about innovation! The only bass that comes with a Spontaneous Smile Guarantee. Whether you are playing it, seeing it, hearing it, or just holding it, we guarantee it. Connect with us Facebook and YouTube to see for yourself. And don't forget to subscribe and share and even leave us a review.

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